RA Pain Services Becomes ReclaimAbility

Since its founding, RA Pain Services has been home to a number of South Jersey’s esteemed pain specialists. Treating both acute and chronic pain, our practice has strived to restore hope to the women and men of our community by helping them manage their pain.

Over the last year, RA Pain Services has undergone a series of internal changes, making structural adjustments and consolidating efforts across our locations. With the start of the new year, we are delighted to show South Jersey the product of this work.

As of January 1st, 2019, RA Pain Services is now doing business as ReclaimAbility Pain Services.

What’s in a Name?

The goal of our practice remains the same. Our providers are dedicated to helping our patients find relief. However, we have updated our brand’s mission, vision and core values to better reflect the needs of our patients.

Designed to unite our practice around common goals, our new mission statement works to streamline our efforts:

At ReclaimAbility, our qualified team of board-certified, fellowship-trained pain specialists will thoroughly examine every patient’s overall health and well-being. By educating patients on the relationship between body pain and its associated etiologies, our practice will provide individualized treatment plans that work to empower patients and help them attain optimal function and ability.

What’s New?

An integral aspect of our new brand is an emphasis on education. ReclaimAbility has made a commitment to inform those around us of the nuances of pain management. We strive to foster an open, meaningful dialogue that discusses topics like the gender disparity of chronic pain and the cyclical relationship between depression and body pain.

This emphasis on education forms the cornerstone upon which the ReclaimAbility brand is built. Our educational efforts will bolster our commitment to our core values: empathy, ethical integrity, collaboration, community and continued improvement.

We truly believe that by educating patients, the general public and referring physicians, we will make the world a more accessible place for those living with pain.

We are excited to embrace a new name that embodies our hope for all our patients and we hope you’ll join us on this journey.

4 Testimonials
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    PatriciaI Robledo

    I highly recommend Dr. Brecher. He is an intelligent, caring therapist who has helped me greatly. Everyone at this facility is friendly and go out of their way to help.

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    Carl A. Camp Sr

    I been dealing with a Injury since 1995, and for so long i searched for a Doctor and or Group of Doctors that actually CARED WHAT WORKED FOR ME and gave me a decent Life even with a disability , Caitlin Innerfield Was from Day One listening to what i had to say that gave me relief over the years ,Its my opinion Caitlin Innerfield is the New Tip of the Spear when it comes to Pain Management , Such a HUGE difference with Her and her Fellow Doctors at RA, I am forever Grateful to this ENTIRE GROUP , Thank You ALL , yall have no idea how much your Caring has saved a lost soul 🙂

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    Carl A. Camp Sr

    Sometimes i often complement the Doctor and fail to give proper Thanks to the AMAZING Staff at the Cherry Hill New Jersey Office. IMO , Never making me feel like a number and always making me feel comfortable , This entire Network Of RA is and has given me a reason to Trust the Medical Community once again , Thank You

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    Josephine Washington

    Good Morning to everyone
    I just would like to say that I really enjoy being a patient of Dr. Caitlin Innerfield and Pamela Blatkiewicz. Since I have been a patient, I have seen my health get worse and better. They both have treatment me for chronic pain and I must mentioned that every time I am schedule for a procedure or office visit, they always have an smile on their face. I enjoyed the feedback that I get from the both of them. I listen to everything they recommend me to do in order to deal with back pain. I also love their staff because they always have a smile on their smile and they are some nice young lady that take care of Dr Innerfield and Dr Balatkiewicz patient. I would recommend anyone to see them. I gave them a five star.

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