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“Where do I begin with Dr. Doshi? First, let me just say I was a big skeptic when it came to pain management. I always thought it would be just another dollar and that no doctor would actually care about me. I felt as though they would just rush me in and out. I was wrong. Dr. Doshi has the most compassion a human being could possibly have. I was in a tragic car accident a year ago and since then, I have had the worst back pain. That was until I met Dr. Doshi. He sits and listens and gives his undivided attention to you and then he goes out of his way to try to make you feel better. He truly is a medical Superman, and he deserves all the credit in the world. I owe him my life because he is little by little patiently helping me get mine back. I would like to tell anyone who is experiencing any kind of pain to call Dr. Doshi because you will not be sorry. I’m glad I stumbled upon your office, Dr. Doshi. You truly are my hero. I don’t know how I would get through my days without you. Please, don’t plan on retiring anytime soon unless you clone yourself first, lol. So, what I would say again to everyone who is in pain, please call Dr. Doshi. You will not regret it, I can promise you that. Thanks Dr. Doshi for putting on your magic white Dr. cape rescuing me from pain and being my hero!” -JP

“I have to say when my doctor first sent me to RA Pain, I was a little leery about going because I did not know what to expect!! When I got there and saw all those people, I wasn’t sure that this was for me. But then I got to see and meet my doctor. Dr. Anish Doshi is awesome. He is so educated and explains everything he thinks is the right treatment for you!! He has gotten me out of the really bad pain and is working on getting me pain free. He really listens to you and remembers things that you would never think a Dr. would remember!!❤ I’ll tell you, I would recommend Dr. Doshi to anyone who needs a great Dr. who will listen and help you in any way he can!! I can’t say enough about Dr. Doshi, he is the best!!!❤” -JA

“I suffer from spinal stenosis, four herniated discs, and severe arthritis in my back. When I went to see Dr. Doshi in the early spring, I couldn’t stand up from a sitting position and begin walking immediately. It would take me several minutes to get my legs going. There were times I felt like I had two tree trunks attached to me. When I saw Dr. Doshi, I told him drugs were out of the question and he worked with my request to find the best way he could to reduce my pain. He suggested several procedures that would do that and I accepted his suggestions for treatment. They included water therapy, stretches, epidurals, nerve blocks, and ablations I am still a work in progress, but Dr. Doshi has gotten me walking so much better with very good reduction in pain, and he did it without a daily drug regime which was my personal request. I would highly recommend Dr. Doshi to anyone suffering from daily back pain. He listens, explains everything from beginning to end, answers questions patiently, takes his time with the patient, and is very compassionate toward the patient and their problems. I’m very happy with the current results and in being fortunate enough to have been recommended to a dedicated doctor who is doing all he can to help me.” -LS

“We would like to say that our experience with the staff at RA Pain along with the wonderful care from Dr. Doshi has been nothing short of tremendously awesome. Our experience from the time we arrive at the office until when we check out has been exceptional. We feel like family every time we come to RA Pain. Dr. Doshi treats us like we are family and takes all the time we need to discuss whatever issues we have. When we come to the office, we feel like we have our own personal Dr. in our family. The staff seems to know who we are almost on a personal basis, and that feels pretty good, and that goes for all of the staff. When we come to RA Pain we feel as though we are Dr. Doshi’s only patients. We would recommend RA Pain services to anyone. It is always a pleasure to have them take care of our pain issues.
Thank you Dr. Doshi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
-WH & JH

“Wonderful staff, excellent service. Thanks so very much! Thanks greatly Dr. Duckles for referring me to R.A. Pain Management and for Dr. Innerfield. Keep up the great job.” -DS

“I must say, the physicians and staff at RA Pain Services are top notch. Everyone is always friendly, courteous and caring. Cristal Wirt, in particular, is a true gem. She is always a pleasure to deal with and goes above and beyond her job scope, diligently working on each patient’s behalf to ensure they receive the care they need and deserve. My gratitude to Dr. Niti Cooper for giving me the back pain relief I have desperately hoped for so long. Thanks to her exceptional injection skills, I am able to lead the active lifestyle that keeps me healthy and happy. I highly recommend RA Pain Services!” -JY

“My wonderful, Dr. Innerfield, In the last 6 years I have had 7 major surgeries & in my opinion, Dr. Innerfield has shown more kindness & compassion than any Dr. I have seen! Her warmth & caring are remarkable & she really does take the time to listen which as we know, is a valuable tool she uses! I personally find her a tremendous boost to my well-being! Thank you, Dr. Innerfield!” -DH

“The purpose of this [testimonial] is to recognize the excellent care Dr. Caitlin Innerfield has provided to me. From my very first visit, Dr. Innerfield has been very attentive when I explain any new aches or pains. She is always encouraging and willing to explain the many different options available to someone with my condition. Dr. Innerfield has always made me feel that I had a say in my treatment. I have the upmost trust and respect for Dr. Innerfield as a physician and person as it is very obvious that she truly cares about her patients, even checking up on them personally after procedures. I know this is not the first time someone has praised the talents of this fantastic doctor and exceptional human being, as I am sure this correspondence just reinforces what many of her patients have experienced. She is truly a credit to her profession and a blessing to her patients.” -SH

“Let me begin by saying that I am glad that my primary physician referred me to RA Pain. Having been seen at another pain management office when living in Atlantic City, to say that it was not a pleasant experience, was putting it mildly. As a retired drug and alcohol counselor, you could say that I have seen it all!! But, I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The staff at RA Pain Management is “top notch.” From my first appointment with Dr. Medvedovsky, to my next appointment with another staff member, they helped make what can be an unenjoyable appointment into a pleasant one. What can I say about Dr. Doshi? From the first appointment with him, I found him to be very pleasant, straightforward, and with a very good listening ear!! He has what is referred to as a “good bedside manner.” With his encouragement, I have already lost a little over 25 lbs (with more to go!). Dr. Doshi explained that by losing weight, it will help relieve some of the pain I experience. It’s true that doctors will always say “lose weight,” but how many say it with compassion? That makes a difference. There was an appointment I had with Dr. Doshi that I wanted to cancel that morning because the pain I was in so bad, but I was glad I went because just those few minutes with him, being concerned about the pain helped me feel better for just a little while. When I found out that Dr. Doshi paid a visit to Cross Keys Physical Therapy where I go for therapy, even my therapist, Melissa, thought it was nice of him to do such a thing! I will close with this: One of the lady’s that is in same aquatic therapy class as myself was referred to RA Pain Management. I told her I had hoped she would get Dr. Doshi, and if she did, to be very honest with him about her pain, and to do what he tells you to do! When I saw her the following week, she did get Dr. Doshi, and she also was singing his praise!! So keep up the good work RA Pain Management, and especially Dr. Anish Doshi, a special “thank you” for all that you do!! – CS


“Dr. Doshi always takes the time to listen to my issues and concerns. He has gone above and beyond to find a source of comfort and has recommended an approach to ease my pain that works for me.” – RG

“Thank you Dr Doshi for helping me get back to my life. It took 3 doctors to finally get to you and help me with my lower back pain. I can spend more time with my kids and less time in bed in pain. I couldn’t even work and provide for my family and now I’m back to my regular 10 hour shifts. I owe you brother. Thanks again.” – NL

“I came into RA Pain with my brother who was a new patient a few months ago, the place was absolutely PACKED. You can tell they were all transitioning into something new. The two girls Laurie and Kim both were checking in as fast as they could and both treated me with the upmost respect. As you could tell there was so much going on, but they still took the time needed with me- as I had multiple questions. I saw Dr .Doshi who also went above and beyond with my concerns. He knew my brother’s insurance was ending soon and he asked Laurie to try and get me approved for a procedure that could really help him. She bent over backwards for us and kept me in the loop while trying to do this and also stayed patient with me as I called her all the time with numerous other questions. And just before his insurance was expiring – she got him approved and scheduled to get the injection. I’m so grateful I brought him to RA Pain and I recommend anyone to come here. KUDOS TO YOUR STAFF !!!!” -AA

“Recently, I had a fabulous experience, which included a young lady by the name of Laurie. I had a problem with my insurance carrier approving a certain medication for me, which was frustrating. I am sure many of you out there can relate! Dr. Doshi gave Laurie the task of trying to accomplish this. Not only did Laurie manage to handle the assignment, she managed to get it done overnight. My response to her is, GOD BLESS you Laurie. I could not afford it without her getting the approval! I would also like to say every time I have my monthly appointment, Laurie’s attitude is always friendly and, we, who are patients at Drs. offices do not always encounter this. In my opinion Laurie is person who should be modeled after for anyone going into the medical field. One last thing: Dr. Doshi is my doctor. I, not only, consider him my doctor, but also my friend. He is a good man. I would recommend RA Pain Mgt. to anyone!!!” -KB

“Dr. Doshi gave me my life back. I had been suffering from chronic pain for 15 years when I met Dr. Doshi. I felt hopeless and angry that I would never be free of pain. I was sick of doctors not helping me. I worried that I would never be able to hold my daughter or play with her again. It broke my heart to imagine that I would never be able to chase her around on the beach. After just three months of treatment with Dr. Doshi, I am chasing my daughter all over the place. I even run and do yoga again. Needless to say, I am much happier and my family is too. Dr. Doshi is not only an outstanding physician, he is a true healer who possesses the rare ability to join with patients and validate their experience while helping them to be well again. He does not just treat the symptom(s), he treats the whole person, and he does this with dignity, respect, and true compassion. I would recommend to anyone who is suffering from pain not to give up, and to see Dr. Doshi.” LW

“Before seeing Dr. Doshi at RA Pain I couldn’t stand straight, had a hard time walking, and was experiencing a lot of pain due to a back injury. During my first visit he listened to my explanation of how I was feeling and my issue with the type of physical therapy I was receiving. Immediately he identified that I was not getting the correct physical therapy and prescribed a different approach. This along with adding a medication started a path to healing. He took time to explain all of the possibilities and options that I would have. Together we charted a path to recovery. I was able to gain most of my motion back with little to no pain at all within three months. I continue to see Dr. Doshi quarterly to keep track of my progress. His compassion and concern for his patient is obviously important to him. He followed up with any questions that I had and also personally took care of an issue with my prescription insurance and pharmacy. I would strongly recommend Dr. Doshi to anyone experiencing back pain.” AL

“I can’t say enough about how Dr. Anish Doshi cured me of my migraine headaches. Over the past few months he has managed my situation very closely, and provided both medication and guidance to help me. I haven’t felt this good in a very long time due to his efforts on my behalf. Dr. Doshi is not only knowledgeable in his field, but he is a true gentleman who listens very carefully when I am speaking. His decisions are well thought out, and he communicates them to me in a clear manner. If ever I have a problem with pain in my life, he will be the first person I go to for a cure. He’s a great man, and an exceptional doctor.” WL

“I had seen a few docs for my shoulder pain and Dr .Doshi found out my problem. I was very skeptical about coming to RA Pain, but he really is very caring and listened to what I had say. I’m very picky with my docs and have no problem changing. I know that he was a great choice. I had cancer and he address some of my problems with that too. He is very knowledgeable able everything that I went in there for. I highly recommend Dr. Doshi.” LS

“Honestly, I can not thank this practice enough for the change they have made in my quality of life. Everyone at the Turnersville office has been professional, courteous and helpful. Dr. Doshi has helped me more in 4 months than any pain doctor has in 17 years. His approach of trying new and/or less invasive, (thus more affordable) procedures coupled with recommended life style changes has allowed me to lower my medication by 70% and enjoy a full life again. I look forward to meeting with him monthly because of the caring, positive outlook he projects. I know with his help I am on my way to a medication free lifestyle with considerably less pain. Thank you RA Pain Services!” KS

“I am highly appreciative of your efforts, Dr. Doshi. Your smile and kindness give me relief and touch my heart before the medicine does. It was a fortunate day for me when I visited RA pain at Washington Township when you treated my pain there. I am happy that I have been relieved from my chronic pain because of your help. Thanks a lot, and God bless you.” WI

“Before seeing Dr. Doshi at RA Pain I was very nervous and suffered from anxiety related to my post cancer diagnosis. In addition to anxiety I had a lot of side affects from a long term drug that I must take for treatment for cancer. Dr. Doshi, not only helped me with the anxiety, regulating my pain, and addressing other issues related to other aches and pains, but he also provided assistance to help me stop smoking. More than anything he showed me that he cares. Dr. Doshi takes time to talk with me about anything I am willing to share. I am 57 years old and having a medical professional give of himself and show genuine care is a rarity. I recommend RA Pain to anyone seeking to manage their pain through holistic as well as medication methods (when needed). The staff is also great, they are very kind and courtesy but most of all respectful. I recommend Dr. Anish Doshi to anyone wanting to get better. It is refreshing to have a Doctor who values your thoughts but has empathy for whatever you may be experiencing in regard to pain.” KC

“Dr. Anish Doshi deserves recognition for his handling of my case. I’ve been suffering from severe headaches since May, and came to see Dr. Doshi in September. I was very concerned about my condition. Dr. Doshi listened intently to my story, asked pertinent questions, took notes, then proposed a sensible plan of action. He told me within a month he expected things would change for the better for me—and he was right. At my October meeting I reported great progress, all of which was due to Dr. Doshi’s reasonable approach to my problem. He took a serious concern of mine, and broke it down into something manageable—something the both of us would be responsible for—and it worked. I am fortunate to have found Dr. Doshi. He is helping me be successful in dealing with my headache issue.” BL

“I have been going to RA Pain Management in Mount Laurel for about a year and a half now. I have seen about 5 or 6 different Professionals there, but have dealt mostly with Matt Abad and Dr. Pello. These two gentlemen have gone above and beyond to help me with my lower back pain and offered me solutions that I was NOT offered at other PM offices. The major difference between them and other PM Doctors, is that they actually care and really want to help me attain an enhanced quality of life. I am very thankful I found RAPS! The staff is friendly, positive, polite and quite accommodating. I would not consider going anywhere else unless I was forced to do so. They get a 10 out of 10 from me!! ” JM

“I was very nervous about having injections done to my spine, but I had an excellent experience with RA PAIN. I have been suffering with low back pain for years, and after I had my first injection (Lumbar Facet joint block) I felt amazing and ran a 5k race the weekend after my injection. Thank you.”

“This my sixth pain management practice, and by far the best and most personable. Washington Township office is so personable, helpful and always willing to accommodate my busy work schedule. Girls at the front desk, Beth, Jashira and Stephanie are fabulous. Other pain management places make you feel uncomfortable, but RA Pain is great. I saw the doctor few times, and also his assistant who is very pleasant, knowledgable, and if I had a question about something, I received a phone call back the same day”. 

“I was blown away by the entire experience! I been suffering with this pain for last 12 years. During my first consultation with Dr. Medvedovsky, he identified that my problem was coming from my sacroiliac joint. I had one injection done at kennedy hospital, and next day i was shopping with my grandchildren. I received a phone call from the office next day to check how I was feeling. I am honestly completely surprised and thankful to my primary care physician for referring me to RA Pain” Kathy

“I been suffering with depression my entire life, and tried multiple medications, all of which gave me bad side effects, with more than 60 pound weight gain. I was offered to try transcranial magnetic stimulation, and at first I wasn’t sure if it would help. After two weeks, I began to feel normal again, my family noticed a drastic improvement in my mood, energy, and quality of life. My husband personally thanked the doctor, and said “Thank you for giving me my wife back”. I completed the entire 35 sessions, and can honestly say never felt better. I will be more than happy to be a personal source of information for any patients who are interested, but are on the fence about it. Try it, and you will feel the difference first hand.” BW

“Hello my name is Michael and I saw dr Innerfield today 7/24 and I just wanted to say how comfortable I felt after my visit today. And I wanted to say how pleasant the staff was and how much I am pleased with my new dr she actually listened to Me and feel confident that she will be determined to help me with my Pain! So Thank You to All and God Bless!  Mike”I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the staff at your facility. I’ve been struggling and suffering for years, and finally I have hope knowing I won’t feel this way forever. Thank you so much”

“I want to let everyone who has pain out of lower back and cervical spine, that I have never received superior, excellence and personal care that I have with Dr. Andrew  Medvedovsky. He really cares about his patients and I was on a walker for years and today he has me on a cane. This practice I  recommend to anyone who is in pain. Thank you so much for being there for me. If it wasn’t for R A Pain Services I do not know what would have happened to me” SP

“The front desk staff was great, scheduled my consultation within few days, took care of all the, and was extremely helpful and friendly when I called multiple times with questions and concerns. Dr. Pello had very good bedside manner, took his time during the consultation, and explained my condition and treatment plan” KN>“Dr. Andrew Medvedovsky,
Since my general practitioner of over 20 years retired, it has been a nightmare of being bounced around to numerous physicians who were not able to help me and unfortunately really did not seem to care. I want to thank you for relieving me of unbearable pain. Professional and genuine caring are a rare combination in his new field of merging healthcare providers, but you have demonstrated that rare combination. I consider myself fortunate to be your patient” GP

“Dr. Scott Pello was the first physician to correctly diagnose and treat my condition after seeing countless physicians. He demonstrated unparalleled compassion, professionalism, and medical knowledge. Thank you for everything.” ML

“Doctor Scott Pello Is the best doctor I have ever been to. I would highly recommend him to people. I would also like to thank the office staff who scheduled my injection. My occipital headaches are completely gone.” KD