Lumbar Facet Syndrome & Spondylosis

Lumbar Spondylosis is a term referring to degenerative arthritis affecting the lumbar facet joints, that connect spinal vertebrae, allow stability and range of motion. Patients who have degenerative disc disease, will often have increased stress and load transferred to the small joints, which overtime will develop arthritis and may cause chronic back pain, characterized by dull ache, stiffness, pain with lumbar extension, and improvement with when in a reclined position or leaning on a shopping cart. This condition also may affect people involved in various physical activities including golfers.


What Treatment Options Are Available At RA Pain Services?

Treatment options for patients suffering with chronic low back pain as a result of lumbar facet joint arthritis are variable and in most cases would consist of conservative treatments such as physical therapy with emphasis on stretching and core strengthening, chiropractic manipulation, anti-inflammatory medications, and injections for patients who fail to respond to conservative measures. Your physicians at RA Pain Services will discuss the treatment options during your consultation. Some patients may be candidates for Lumbar Medial Branch Blocks and  Radiofrequency Ablation , also called Neurotomy.